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Flooring or Kitchen Cabinet First?

The kitchen is the main source of life in every home – all food and meals are prepared here. Most people strive to keep their kitchens updated by taking on kitchen remodeling. Remodeling your kitchen not only improves your home’s value but also makes it more practical. Most people, however, wonder what order to take while remodeling their kitchens, especially in flooring and kitchen cabinets.

If you wish to remodel the entire kitchen, you should then consider having the floor installed first, then take on the cabinet installations. It would also be advisable to involve both flooring and cabinet contractors during the renovation to ensure nothing gets in the way of the other. Whether you want to do this in phases, or in one phase, ensure the contractors are in sync; otherwise you will be sorry. It would also be advisable to hire professional and certified contractors for a kitchen remodeling service; our friends are the best kitchen contractors in philadelphia and they have amazing photos you can take a look at. Discussed below are a some of the reasons why the flooring should be installed first, and the cabinets later.

Reasons To Install Floors First Before The Cabinets

  1. Obtain proper cabinet heights: By default, the standard height for kitchen cabinets is 36 inches above the floor. Anything lower than that reduces its practicality and efficiency. For instance, most people keep the dishwasher on the lowest cabinet: if the cabinet is installed first, it then means the cabinet will be trapped under the floor thus making it almost impossible to use. Nonetheless, if the floor is installed first, then the cabinet contractor will be able to install the cabinets to the desired and appropriate heights.
  2. Installation costs: You would be saving lots of money in installation costs if the floor is installed first. Should the cabinets be installed first, you will need to pay for more plywood and additional labor. The contractor would have to insert some plywood underneath the cabinets, and also cut finer pieces of the hardwood floor to accommodate the cabinets. All this can be avoided (or made easier) by ensuring the floor is installed first.

  1. Flexibility: Hardwood floors tend to outlast kitchen cabinets. In addition to kitchen cabinet designs changing after every few years, they also need to be replaced from wear and tear. Wear and tear are unavoidable for cabinets they are in constant use. Having the floor installed first is, therefore, a wise decision/idea, considering you may want to change or move appliances, or need to change the cabinet footprint. A hardwood floor can last for more than 50 years, meaning it will see through several kitchen renovations. Flexibility is vital here.
  1. Safer for cabinets: Hardwood floor installations require sanding for an even floor design. The cabinets may make this almost impossible, or even suffer from potential stains and nicks during the sanding process. To avoid such risks and damages, you can just have the floor installed first, then have the cabinets follow.
  1. Aesthetics: If you want a unique and clean look for your kitchen, you should then allow flooring contractors to start off. This will give them enough room and space to work without any obstructions – this should enable them to produce a high-quality job. This should also save them (including you) time and other valuable resources. Cleaning around and under the cabinets (including the floor) will be much easier as well. The 36-inch height left enables you to pass a brush, mop or vacuuming machine without struggling. This ensures your kitchen is cleaner and keeps bugs and pests at bay.

If you already have the cabinets installed, and only need the floor renovated, you can then install floating hardwood as an exception. Laminate or cork can be used in floating floors especially if you don’t need the floor glued or nailed down. You, however, should hire experts to handle the installations as they are more delicate than you would fathom. Finding help from interior designers and kitchen remodeling experts should also help you know more on what should be done to ensure optimal functionality in your kitchens. For the best experience, look for an accredited and experienced service provider to use for the exercise. It would also be advisable to hire well trained and expert contractors to handle both the flooring and cabinet installations.